House Washing

Let our trustworthy technicians take care of your exterior needs! With our SoftWash process, we safely and effectively sanitize the exterior of your home, removing algae, mold, bacteria, dirt, cobwebs, and grime. Not only does it leave a clean surface, but it also leaves cleanliness that LASTS! We SoftWash a variety of surfaces including vinyl, brick, stone, stucco, and dry it. DON'T let your house be Pressure Washed! Have it SoftWashed.

Pressure Washing causes water infiltration Pressure Washing dislodges vinyl siding.

  • Pressure Washing scars vinyl or stucco surfaces.
  • Pressure Washing penetrates stucco finishes.
  • Pressure Washing uses more water.
  • Pressure Washing fails to remove tiny microorganisms, causing algae growth.

As always all of our Technicians and Territory Managers pass a criminal background check. Apex SoftWash goes above and beyond to keep you and your family SAFE!