Concrete Cleaning

Have you noticed your concrete looks a little dull maybe a little black? Let Apex help you. We can make your concrete look like new again with our three step process. We first chemically treat the concrete killing any bacteria or mold that has been trapped between the pores of the concrete. Next we use a surface cleaner to scrub any algae and bacteria that still maybe locked in the concrete. Lastly we rinse away the dead algae leaving clean concrete.

Sidewalks being cleaned, using 200 degree water, 3000 PSI, and an environmentally friendly degreaser.

Patios and Pavers

Is your patio or pavers filled with moss? Are they discolored from black algae? Let Apex help you. We can clean those pavers, and have your patio looking like new again. Leave it to our specialist to take care of you!

Proper chemicals help breakdown restaurant grease, allowing the hot water power washer to leave a clean finish. Common areas in need of power washing include restaurant entryways, back doors, and dumpster pad areas.

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